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flexing a bit part 2 december 2018
flexing a bit part 1 december 2018
7 days out To the univers 2018
Bicepstraining 27-11-2014
backtraining 22-11-2014
Biceps curl 21-11-2014
Pec dec 21 - 11 - 2014
Rope cheating hammer curl
hams 2 days after the universe 2014
preacher bench dumbell curl 01-12-2014

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Welcome on my site

Hello Sporters/fans.

So my activities for 2018 are done.

I am very proud i could do this........

Next goal is organisating desiree"s open grand prix 2019 for national and international athletes.

athletes needed.......
sponsors needed..........
officials needed........

Iam also to book for  a questposing, as personal trainer,

personal coach.

Contact through