About me

Désirée Dümpel

Date of birth:

January 5th 

Land of birth:

Years of bodybuilding:
I started in 1991 with the goal to loose weight But at 1994 I enjoyed weighttraining so much that I started with bodybuilding. So since than i am hanging at the weights.

Work out :
I"m training at different schools in Den Helder, De Haque and in the neigbourhood of Rotterdam. Because there are living my bodybuildingbrothers.

Other sports:

Not anymore. I used to play tabletennis and keeping with handball.

Best muscles :

Side chest, Arms,Abdominals and legs included calves

Working on :

A better symmetry.

 Goal 2021:
To help athletes/sporters to reach their goal

- to set up my second own show

Favorite junkfood:
- baked potatoes with a beefburger

- straciastella ice cream

Favorite book:
i don"t have the time to read a book

yes but i think you don"t have to go to the church to believe


Set your goal and go for it.