Coached Athletes 2013

This year i have coached several athletes to national and international competitions.






 Sanne van Bergenhenegouwen                                                         Peter Liefhebber

 27-10-2013 Dutch Grand Prix 2013                    03-11-2013 Open dutch championships YBF
Runner Up in the Body Fitness Class                 Dutch champion in the superbody men II class
Runner up in the duo class

03-11-2013 Open Dutch Championships YBF
Dutch Champion in the Miss Performance Class
        Runner Up in the duo class




Remco Hoffs

His first competition.

There weren´t enough athletes for the C masters

So remco did compete in the 90+ kg

He did well there but didnt get a final place

He deserverd a 6 th place but the jury though different about it

Better next time


I am happy and proud with all the results and personal goals that the athletes did reach